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Online Reputation Management (ORM) Approach by Thinktank Infotech

ORM or Brand/Reputation Management This is the case that we generally follow during the optimization of online brand while raising its reputation on the online market. There are the several things that make someone with negative wise from where the company starts falling down. This practice of online reputation management will increase your potential in order to fight against negative reputation.

Google is an Algorithm that doesn't have any mean what is positive or what is negative, it only works on the hits and traffic. Thus, if we follow the worthy aspects of positive entries and potential forums and favorable blogs through which we can easily get out off from these negative searches in, a brand of web solution has been driven varied projects of online brand management including personal reputation for the different search engines including Google, Yahoo and Bing. With 5 years of experience, our company can today offer all types of reputation management solution to solve all types of customer requirements either International or Domestic.

"SMAART" Social Media and Advance Research Techniques: ORM Strategy by Think Tank Infotech

Our ORM specialists will monitor the Internet/Search Engine to determine if your name, brand, company or organization is receiving negative comments or "mentions" that are presenting an unfavorable impression and driving away clients. Our expertise team of online PR, will monitor your goodwill and reputation on the internet to check whether your company or name getting any negative comments that obstruct your brand from getting potential customers. We Take care of any negative information immediately and be proactive to ensure and able to catch any future events before they become an issue.

Here, we introduce our ORM Activities (which is called "SMAART" Social Media and Advance Research Techniques) you with some of the most important aspects of online brand reputation through which we can easily get apart from these negative entries.

The main 4 parts of our Online "SMAART" Work (For Brand Management) Activities are:
  1. Collecting all Data and Monitoring Brand
  2. Dealing with Negative Feedback
  3. Promoting and Creating New Positive Feedbacks (Internationally and Niche/Locally)
  4. Track your Brand Mentions and "Alert" from any new Negative Feedback

Get Major aspects in details with our SMAART strategies for Managing any Brand Or Person Name : Below our main strategies for Brand management we cover all of Online Activities as SEO, SMO and Digital Marketing and Email Marketing.

  • Monitoring Brand : We need to monitor the brands, products, personal name, and company name in various news websites, social media, forums and blogs. This makes us to analyze the strength of negative marking.
  • Operations : Operation is the segment to create and develop the positive entries while creating positive content, favorable blog posting, forum submission, commenting and much more potential stuff.
  • Optimization : Optimization of these positive entries on the different search engine in order to familiar the target audience about the true and fair goods and services.
  • Treating with negative symptoms. This is the term using to protect the negative entries on being getting high rank in the search engine. This can be done by following positive commenting and favorable entries on the same section in order to compete with these negative symptoms. After putting the favorable comments we would able to seize the negative entries on the lower rank in different search engines.
  • Proactive Here, we take care of fresh / updated negative entries, in order to make it obsolete while changing its nature of representing before they turn out as an issue.
  • Public Engagement : This is the tool of interaction with target audience and builds a favorable community over the internet. Here we use community and social network website to maintain a goodwill and reputation over there. This is the approach to address directly, while communicating with specific group of community. We use all of Digital Marketing activities here including Basic SEO/SMO and Email Marketing.
  • Track your Brand Mentions/ Google Alert and other alert Tool Implementation : Set up Google Alerts for getting real time feedback, we also use some of tool to fetch latest Negative Entries and remove them at real Time we trace from:
    • Google Alerts,
    • Addictomatic Tool,
    • IceRocket Social Media Tool,
    • News Feeds and More

Thus, we as a reputed brand reputation center, offers the detail services for optimization any brand including a personal image as "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure", So, don't worry, be sure that with us you will be under the safe hands where we believe that more positive entries will dilute any types of negative entries.

Duration :

ThinkTank Infotech belives in "SMAART" Activities in each of ORM Project , You will get fruitful results from first 2 months and Remember that this is an ongoing process and the negative feedback will start to reappear if you do not continue to monitor the new sites that replaced the negative feedback. This will show your customers that you truly care for them and will increase sales, revenue, and ultimately your business's bottom line.

Package: $1,000 USD/Month *

Package can be change as per client's current Brand Reputation Status in Major Search Engines.

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